paris is always a good idea – audrey hepburn

I’m always very excited about all of the parties and celebrations that pop up this time of year. This time, it’s a little extra special. We’ve been completely focused on one certain celebration – a Vintage Parisian Bridal Shower thrown for a very special lady.

I knew that once THE bridal shower passed, the holidays would quickly follow and December would be”just around the corner.” Boy, did time go by so fast! Time management is of the essence when parties happen this time of year.

We got all of the girls together to shower our friend Vy with a lot of love and well wishes. She’ll be a married woman soon, and we couldn’t be happier for her! We wanted the shower to be a representation of who she is – beautiful, classic, and as a girl who likes to travel, it had to include a lot of European accents. The Parisian theme gave us the opportunity to include lots of prettiness!

When we asked Bite Macarons if they would collaborate with us to come up with an extravagant dessert table, they didn’t hold anything back! Croquembouche tower? Sure! Lots of dessert to surround it? Absolutely. They didn’t say no to any of our ideas, which made made working with them an absolute pleasure. We preferred the look of a symmetrical table with hints of European influenced dessert, so it was only appropriate to include lots of Bite goodies.

It included 2 flavor dessert cups (Lemon Berry and Five Milks), two delicious cakes (the Mango Greek Yogurt Cake and Chocolate Hazelnut Cake which might be found on a future menu, wink wink), customized macarons with a gorgeous gold glitter macaron they made especially for us, and the lovely croquembouche tower, surrounded with gold spun sugar. Phew!!! That sugar was no joke y’all! It came together so beautifully and we had WAY too much dessert.

I know, I can’t believe I’m saying “too much dessert.” Is that even possible? 

Can’t forget to mention the strawberry panna cotta that my friend Kathy made, placed in mason jars to make it the sweetest little things. It was the perfect addition to the dessert table. :)

We spent the day before the shower buying flowers from local grocery stores. For small parties like these, it’s much easier to buy local . I make a mental list of my favorite stores that normally have a wide variety of FRESH looking flowers. ;) I even found peonies the that morning!!! Beautiful weather, chiavari chairs, a sit-down dinner, and lots of wine made for a wonderful night. Couldn’t have asked for more!

To my beautiful friend Vy – You are what makes this world great, and we are all better humans because of you. Sonny is a lucky guy!

Go hug your besties today! They deserve it!

hydrangea centerpiece

coral peonies

Parisian dessert table

Parisian dessert table

Parisian dessert table

Parisian dessert table

beautiful croquembouche tower

friends and sisters

_MG_1974 _MG_1976 mango greek yogurt cake from Bite Macarons _MG_1993 _MG_1999 _MG_2000

macarons dessert table

_MG_2019 _MG_2006 _MG_2021 _MG_2027 _MG_2048 _MG_2065 _MG_2067 _MG_2071 _MG_2075 _MG_2082 _MG_2095 friends with bride to be

Custom macaron towers from Bite Macarons in Houston

Custom macaron towers from Bite Macarons in Houston

macaron towers

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Desserts: Bite Macarons | Gold sequin linen: CV Linens | Tables & Linen Rentals: Acme Rentals | Chair Rentals: Elegant Linens | Food: Bodard Bistro | Peonies: HEB | Wine glasses: Home Goods | Charger Plages: Michael’s


High End Shoe Dupes!

I love shoes!!!

No surprise there, right? We’ve got similar shoes with different prices, so kick back (see what I did) with some coffee and let’s talk about some of my favorite styles at the moment and how you can get them for LESS! Woot!

Title Saint Laurent Jane 03

Comparison between YSL Jane Sandals and MissGuided Clara Strappy Sandals

YSL left $795 || Steal right $44.98

When put side by side like the image above, you can definitely tell the difference between the real and steal leather and straps. It’s close enough though, isn’t it? The skinny ankle strap on the dupe definitely makes it look higher end (though the shiny buckle does not)! The Clara heel is actually 4.5 inches, so you can imagine how high the YSL heel is.



White Clara Sandals from MISSGUIDEDBlack Clara Sandal from Lulu neon yellow YSL Jane strap sandal
White    $44.98 ||  Black  $44.98

Original $795 || Yellow $44.98 || Coral $44.98

The neon yellow Jane sandals are perfect for the hot summer. I think I’m in love! These heels are so versatile! They can be dressed up or down or in any which way. The Clara Sandal (steal) is a great cheap alternative.

White shirt and white skirt with black YSL Jane Sandals or Aimee Song is rocking the all white with black heels.

The Native Fox wearing Britt Button Down, Vintage chanel, and YSL sandals. Gorgeous!

The Native Fox ( in her YSL sandals and Chanel bag, of course.

Chanel Sunglasses, Lace Jersey, Maurie & Eve Boyfriend Jeans, Givenchy Clutch, and Saint Laurent Jane sandals

The Native Fox ( dressing down with jeans and YSL sandals.

Three monochrome black and white looks with the Clara heel from Missguided

Monochrome looks from Lifestyle Avenue ( with the Clara heel.

That Grace Girl wearing white and black with black Clara heels

That Grace Girl ( wearing the black Clara heels

 Title Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Strap

High End: Giuseppi Zanotti VS Steal: Lulu's Ines 11 Gold Ankle CuffZanotti left || Ines right

Jennifer Hudson is rocking her Joe's Jean denim jumpsuit with her Giuseppe Zanotti gold ankle heels!

Jennifer Hudson is rocking her denim jumpsuit with her Giuseppe Zanotti heels!

Jennifer Hudson sure does look chic in gold. I couldn’t find an exact dupe, but the Ines Steal is similar and looks very flattering on the leg. :)

Title Saint Laurent Chelsea

Black Ankle bootie with YSL Chelsea and Shoe Cult Stab in the Dark -which one is the real deal?

Which is YSL Chelsea and Shoe Cult Stab in the Dark?

Steal  left || YSL right

The Native Fox in her Maison Michel Fedora, Chanel Sunglasses, Saint Laurent chain-inset tank, Givenchy Clutch, Saint Laurent Denim, Saint Laurent Boots

The Native Fox in the YSL Chelsea ankle boot

The Native Fox in simple sweater, biker jacket, and jeans. The YSL booties and Celine bag really compliment... anything. :)

The Native Fox in simple sweater, biker jacket, and jeans. The YSL booties and Celine bag really compliment… anything. :)

Title Gucci

Gucci Victoire vs Sully Ankle Cuff Stiletto

Which is the real Gucci Victoire?

Sully’s left || Gucci  right
Office Dress Ankle Cuff Strap Peep Toe Stiletto Heel Sandals

The Sully version is similar (not a complete dupe)

White $162 || Black $27.60
Annabelle Fleur wearing red, black, white

Annabelle Fleur ( is wearing Truth & Pride leather jacket to compliment her Gucci sandals

It definitely seems that the High End items have thinner features – the stiletto heel, bottom platform, and straps. The difference may be important for you. Does your arch need more support? If so, the dupes may work better for you. ;)

I’m thinking about getting the Clara sandal soon, what do y’all think?


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weekly round up of my favorite pins this week!

I have had a good week of awesome pins. :) Take a look at some of my favorites!

The best 3rd birthday party ever – and with my favorite colors, pink and gold! Looks like I’m going to have to persuade Leah’s mom to let me help plan her 3rd birthday! Oh, in case you don’t know, Leah’s my favorite little person in the world.

Be kind, fun, and stylish…

Glitter and brunch!

Looking for a bright, colorful, and romantic bouquet? Got you covered!

Perfect champagne ideas for your next gathering (or your next pick me up) ;)

My favorite DIY project from this week! Gold DIY foil prints. Pretty much perfect.

Can’t forget my tip of the week:

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I can confidently say, my cake was still good after a night in the fridge. 

Let’s be friends!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

She said to me, “I’m blowing out candles like a 20 year old!”

I replied, “You’re good. I blew out candles last month, and I will blow out candles every year!” Mwahahaha.

cake petals

Thanks to Whole Foods, I’ve ordered this particular design twice now (and it won’t be my last!). GREAT service and super affordable! Thanks to Asten for being so friendly and accommodating. She decorated the Berry Chantilly cake with petal design.

I’m really lucky and blessed to have my one day mother-in-law. She is the sweetest mom ever and treats me like her own. She loves and loves, and never expects anything in return. I love you, mom! 

pink cake makes the world go round

As I started writing the post, I realize now that this cake looks nothing like the cake I bought for my birthday


Ok, so it turned out a little different right? She was just too sweet, and I can’t complain. The cake was still good and mama loved it!

Tried the "bread on cake" to keep the inside moist


At least I get to see how well adding bread to the cake works! It’s supposed to keep it from drying. We’ll see!

Moral of the story – gotta make sure the baker knows what you’re talking about. At least this time, I can try out something I saw on Pinterest. BREAD ON CAKE!


Bread keeps cake from getting stale! #laceandolive


TGIF Favorites!

Peanut butter, cookie butter, and pickle sandwich. Is there anything better? #laceandolive

Happy Independence Day to all of you USA’ers!!! Sorry to get this post out so late, but I’ve been shopping. Have you seen my instagram? I know some of you recognize that blue and box. ;)

My Friday Faves are one part red-white-and-blue, one part summer. I had some technical difficulties so there’s no video today, but hopefully my debut vid will be sometime next week! How about a DIY project?

Let’s get this party started!

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Cheery engagement – Danny + Michelle

Macarons are, not surprisingly, first on the blog. :)

macaron stand


Don’t you think flowers can really change a room? These bright flowers complete the dessert table in its own cheery way. Don’t be confused by our names, but my friend Jen arranged and helped me set up everything for this engagement.

yellow roses and green mums

candy dessert table yellow roses


Yellow is so cheery and vibrant, right? Bright and beautiful, a great representation of the union between our friends Danny and Michelle. They exude happiness and are so beautiful together.


Since it was potluck, we were able to taste dishes from both sides of the family. Sorry we didn’t take any pictures. I guess we were too busy eating. ;)

spring arrangement engagement


Roses and hydrangeas are good flowers to get at your local grocery stores. They tend to be the freshest and can really fill up an arrangement! If you have extra budget, Central Market is a good place to get a wide variety of gorgeous flowers. Also, the service rocks! There was a time when we stopped by a little before closing and workers were still helping customers (believe me, other stores did not). [No affiliation, just being real]

white hydrangeasmini chalkboard sign


They are rustic and elegant at the same time. We purchased burlap and lace from our local crafts store to cover our mason jars. Super simple and can match many flower combinations.

candy dessert table

DIY dessert tables are so easy to do! We had a lot of fun preparing and planning for our friends. :)  Yellow and grey is a beautiful combination! We have more dessert tables coming your way, so follow us!

DIY cake

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my 30th vintage-chic tea party

dessert table with tissue garlands

Ooh yes, this table was all mine!

Cue the fireworks cuz this girl recently turned 30! Huzza! Instead of preparing for the worst (did someone say it’s all downhill from here?), I accepted my very good friend Kathy’s invitation to be thrown a high tea party. She is stylish and beautiful and let’s be real, I knew it would be all sorts of amazing.

Who doesn’t like  a classy and extravagant high tea soiree? All of my girlfriends got together to chat, drink, and eat lots of miniature foodstuff. Guess what color I am currently in love with! ;)

tea pot for the table floral tea cup with strainer macarons and tea tea and scones


She has an unbelievable tea collection. As we were setting up the table, we realized there wasn’t nearly enough room for everything she owns. And even if we wanted to fit everything on that table, it was already getting quite full. It certainly is a good problem to have! Many tea sets that weren’t used were stacked and utilized as bowls, which worked out really well! Macarons in bowls = heaven. I don’t care where the macs are, I will eat it. Come to me my little morsels.


_MG_1821 petal cake mini desserts at tea  mini food and tea


It definitely helped that we had some things from a previous high tea bridal shower. We reused some of those to glam up our party! Vintage chic is easy to achieve when there are so many tea sets to add as vintage. We used mirrored plates, DIY decor, flowers, and confetti to modernize the tables.

I am so in love with this party! Let me look at it all day.


beautiful burgundy/red/pink peonies

Thank you for JUNE PEONIES! They are amazingly beautiful perfect for special occasions. So very chic. We had them strewn throughout the table and I couldn’t be happier! Fill up those extra teapots with flowers!


Having mini everything is a good way to scarf everything down as quickly as possible try different dishes. Yes, we had a lot of leftovers, but it was better for us to have variety, including the very pink and delicious cake. One of these days, we’ll have to make it on our own because it’s actually very easy (petal cake tutorial anyone). We catered the cake this time and they did a really beautiful job.

Getting a group of young ladies together on a Saturday afternoon is not something we do every week (I totally wish)! So, to get to know each other more and get a little something to take home, we asked the ladies beforehand to bring 3 gifts for a favorite things exchange. Since there were a total of 7 people, each person brought 3 gifts that were to be exchanged. Those gifts should all be the same and one of your favorite things! In turn, each person walked home with 3 new gifts from 3 different girls in the group. Score! We exchanged at dinner and used (be forewarned that it brings up the same numbers a lot haha). Technical info: You can decide turns in two ways – the person that gives the gift picks 3 numbers (that is assigned when they walk in), or the person that receives the gifts picks 3 numbers of gifters (again, assigned when they walk in).

I surprised each of my homies with a YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Lip Gloss/Balm in #02. Seriously ladies, one of my favorite lip balms! The 02 Dewy Papaya is very sheer, but a worthy investment in my opinion!

Oh man, how did I win the friend lotto? I am incredibly thankful to have such wonderful, thoughtful, gorgeous friends inside and out. My 30th sure started out with a lot of love. What say you about downhill? It’s only getting better I say…

Who’s celebrating a birthday? Let me know how you’re celebrating! Follow us for more inspiration! We love tea parties. :) Alright, we might just really love cake.



30th birthday tea party on the blog #laceandolive

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