my 30th vintage-chic tea party

dessert table with tissue garlands

Ooh yes, this table was all mine!

Cue the fireworks cuz this girl recently turned 30! Huzza! Instead of preparing for the worst (did someone say it’s all downhill from here?), I accepted my very good friend Kathy’s invitation to be thrown a high tea party. She is stylish and beautiful and let’s be real, I knew it would be all sorts of amazing.

Who doesn’t like  a classy and extravagant high tea soiree? All of my girlfriends got together to chat, drink, and eat lots of miniature foodstuff. Guess what color I am currently in love with! ;)

tea pot for the table floral tea cup with strainer macarons and tea tea and scones


She has an unbelievable tea collection. As we were setting up the table, we realized there wasn’t nearly enough room for everything she owns. And even if we wanted to fit everything on that table, it was already getting quite full. It certainly is a good problem to have! Many tea sets that weren’t used were stacked and utilized as bowls, which worked out really well! Macarons in bowls = heaven. I don’t care where the macs are, I will eat it. Come to me my little morsels.


_MG_1821 petal cake mini desserts at tea  mini food and tea


It definitely helped that we had some things from a previous high tea bridal shower. We reused some of those to glam up our party! Vintage chic is easy to achieve when there are so many tea sets to add as vintage. We used mirrored plates, DIY decor, flowers, and confetti to modernize the tables.

I am so in love with this party! Let me look at it all day.


beautiful burgundy/red/pink peonies

Thank you for JUNE PEONIES! They are amazingly beautiful perfect for special occasions. So very chic. We had them strewn throughout the table and I couldn’t be happier! Fill up those extra teapots with flowers!


Having mini everything is a good way to scarf everything down as quickly as possible try different dishes. Yes, we had a lot of leftovers, but it was better for us to have variety, including the very pink and delicious cake. One of these days, we’ll have to make it on our own because it’s actually very easy (petal cake tutorial anyone). We catered the cake this time and they did a really beautiful job.

Getting a group of young ladies together on a Saturday afternoon is not something we do every week (I totally wish)! So, to get to know each other more and get a little something to take home, we asked the ladies beforehand to bring 3 gifts for a favorite things exchange. Since there were a total of 7 people, each person brought 3 gifts that were to be exchanged. Those gifts should all be the same and one of your favorite things! In turn, each person walked home with 3 new gifts from 3 different girls in the group. Score! We exchanged at dinner and used (be forewarned that it brings up the same numbers a lot haha). Technical info: You can decide turns in two ways – the person that gives the gift picks 3 numbers (that is assigned when they walk in), or the person that receives the gifts picks 3 numbers of gifters (again, assigned when they walk in).

I surprised each of my homies with a YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Lip Gloss/Balm in #02. Seriously ladies, one of my favorite lip balms! The 02 Dewy Papaya is very sheer, but a worthy investment in my opinion!

Oh man, how did I win the friend lotto? I am incredibly thankful to have such wonderful, thoughtful, gorgeous friends inside and out. My 30th sure started out with a lot of love. What say you about downhill? It’s only getting better I say…

Who’s celebrating a birthday? Let me know how you’re celebrating! Follow us for more inspiration! We love tea parties. :) Alright, we might just really love cake.



30th birthday tea party on the blog #laceandolive

Find more table inspiration on my Pinterest board!


12 thoughts on “my 30th vintage-chic tea party

  1. So I’m guessing pink is the new color that you loving. I love my YSL lipstick and it was actually in my cart the other day with the Nordstorm beauty sale. Thank you, friend! I am so sorry I missed this tea party. But this just means that there must be another in the near future. Congrats on your first post. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  2. Love love love the post!! Congrats, babe on your new blog!!! It was so much fun to plan this special and one of a kind party with you!! It was SO you!! Excited that this is just the beginning!! :) xoxo

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