Cheery engagement – Danny + Michelle

Macarons are, not surprisingly, first on the blog. :)

macaron stand


Don’t you think flowers can really change a room? These bright flowers complete the dessert table in its own cheery way. Don’t be confused by our names, but my friend Jen arranged and helped me set up everything for this engagement.

yellow roses and green mums

candy dessert table yellow roses


Yellow is so cheery and vibrant, right? Bright and beautiful, a great representation of the union between our friends Danny and Michelle. They exude happiness and are so beautiful together.


Since it was potluck, we were able to taste dishes from both sides of the family. Sorry we didn’t take any pictures. I guess we were too busy eating. ;)

spring arrangement engagement


Roses and hydrangeas are good flowers to get at your local grocery stores. They tend to be the freshest and can really fill up an arrangement! If you have extra budget, Central Market is a good place to get a wide variety of gorgeous flowers. Also, the service rocks! There was a time when we stopped by a little before closing and workers were still helping customers (believe me, other stores did not). [No affiliation, just being real]

white hydrangeasmini chalkboard sign


They are rustic and elegant at the same time. We purchased burlap and lace from our local crafts store to cover our mason jars. Super simple and can match many flower combinations.

candy dessert table

DIY dessert tables are so easy to do! We had a lot of fun preparing and planning for our friends. :)  Yellow and grey is a beautiful combination! We have more dessert tables coming your way, so follow us!

DIY cake

See more wedding inspiration on my Pinterest board!




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