TGIF Favorites!

Peanut butter, cookie butter, and pickle sandwich. Is there anything better? #laceandolive

Happy Independence Day to all of you USA’ers!!! Sorry to get this post out so late, but I’ve been shopping. Have you seen my instagram? I know some of you recognize that blue and box. ;)

My Friday Faves are one part red-white-and-blue, one part summer. I had some technical difficulties so there’s no video today, but hopefully my debut vid will be sometime next week! How about a DIY project?

Let’s get this party started!

Panna cotta
Only fun when said with an Italian accent, is my new favorite summer dessert! It’s refreshing, light, and sweet enough that it curbs my insatiable sweet tooth.

Better yet, it is SO easy to make. If you’ve never made it, you’ll be blown away!


panna cotta with strawberries

Panna cotta from our tea party!

I didn’t have a chance to make this, but it’s so very patriotic! Love the blueberries on top and the layered strawberry gelatin:


Fuji instax mini 
It is the BEST to have at special events like birthdays and weddings! I like to take my camera with me if I am going somewhere with my friends. I’m not coordinated enough to take selfies with it…lol. At parties, I think it’s cool that everyone gets to bring home at least one memento! :) The only cons are that 1) the viewfinder is teeeeeeny tiny and I can never see anyone in the first try. We have plenty of crooked and too far away pictures. 2) the film is pretty expensive. I normally get the 2-pack for around $13, but believe me, we go through a box of 20 in a heartbeat.

Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter
It has been my favorite this week, and as you can see, I’m running out of condiments. ;) Peanut butter, cookie butter, and pickle sandwiches are!! The pictures show thin layers, but I usually put a generous amount if the bread is more dry than usual. Let me know what you think!!!


  1. Peanut butter on one side
  2. Cookie butter on the other
  3. Pickles inside or ON the side – I like mine on the side :)

There’s even a Facebook page on the love of the peanut butter and pickle sandwich?! I feel like I’ve been missing out…


IMG_1958 IMG_1919 copy IMG_1925 IMG_1934 IMG_1941 IMG_1949 copy

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate  Seriously, the BEST TO SNACK ON. I ate it all in a day. LOL – thanks to Jen for bringing those pomegranates to the Favorite Things party!

Lypsyl, a dupe for Dior Lip Glow? Without the “changing colors” of course.
It does give a protective covering for your lips (similar to the Dior Lip Glow) and hydrates really well! Thanks to Kathy for bringing this to the party too!! You girls are FAN. TASTIC.

These are my summer favorites so far! What do you think I should be trying out? Let me know! Have a wonderful long weekend everyone! Thanks for reading. :)





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