Happy Birthday, Mom!

She said to me, “I’m blowing out candles like a 20 year old!”

I replied, “You’re good. I blew out candles last month, and I will blow out candles every year!” Mwahahaha.

cake petals

Thanks to Whole Foods, I’ve ordered this particular design twice now (and it won’t be my last!). GREAT service and super affordable! Thanks to Asten for being so friendly and accommodating. She decorated the Berry Chantilly cake with petal design.

I’m really lucky and blessed to have my one day mother-in-law. She is the sweetest mom ever and treats me like her own. She loves and loves, and never expects anything in return. I love you, mom! 

pink cake makes the world go round

As I started writing the post, I realize now that this cake looks nothing like the cake I bought for my birthday


Ok, so it turned out a little different right? She was just too sweet, and I can’t complain. The cake was still good and mama loved it!

Tried the "bread on cake" to keep the inside moist


At least I get to see how well adding bread to the cake works! It’s supposed to keep it from drying. We’ll see!

Moral of the story – gotta make sure the baker knows what you’re talking about. At least this time, I can try out something I saw on Pinterest. BREAD ON CAKE!


Bread keeps cake from getting stale! #laceandolive



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