Life is too short to not love pretty things, easy DIYs, macarons, and glitter.

Hi friends!

Let me tell you a secret — I’m at my happiest when I live life with a few of the, what I call, good things -fringe tassels, anything gold, and peonies! Of course there’s more, like inspiring others, throwing parties for the ones I love, and living a healthy lifestyle, spiritually and physically. Don’t worry, we’ll get to it later. ;)

I’m a singer, dance-with-your-whole-body, lover of pink, uncoordinated only child. I’ve done things my way for a long time, cruising through life at my own tempo, being stagnant and at times just passionless (at least that’s how I felt!). However, since discovering that I can in fact make my own life sparkle in its own unique and crazy silly way, I’ve grown to love taking the reins and going places. I like to DIY things that are easy and totally doable! Like all my friends they say, if I can do it, you definitely can do it! Ha ha. It has been especially rewarding to save money AND have the beautiful things I see on Pinterest (can we say addicted!). Are you past me and there yet? I am sure there’s a lot you can teach me!

L+O is a forum to help you celebrate and elevate any occasion – the easy way. :) You mustn’t be afraid to SPARKLE! 

Be inspired and come say hi!


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